Our idea

We are pleased to invite you to NocheDePasion, a spring weekend with Milonguero friends who love attentive and social dancing to traditional tangos in a close embrace.


Let’s create an enjoyable atmosphere together and enjoy the Tandas. We are looking to dance attentively and considerately, closely embracing traditional music. The following conditions therefore apply:


  • Invitation to Mirada/Cabeceo
  • Establish eye contact before joining in the Ronda
  • Dance in your chosen path in the flow of the Ronda
  • No high boleos or ganchos. Always keep your feet on the ground
  • Move attentively in the smallest of spaces
  • After a Tanda clear the centre
  • Willingness to get to know previously unknown dancers.


We create the backdrop for you:


  • A beautiful dance hall with the best parquet flooring
  • A limited number of invited guests
  • Excellent, international DJs
  • A balanced number of followers and leaders.


For our first

Encuentro NocheDePasion.

We discovered the “RATHAUSSAAL (TOWN HALL CHAMBER)”, an excellent location at Barbing Castle on the outskirts of Regensburg.

Photo gallery source: ANGELO BRICCONE

The image rights are owned by Gaby Guthmann & Angelo Briccone. All pictures were taken in Kehl am Rhein.

We attach great importance to getting together with tango enthusiasts from all over the world. Therefore, the process for confirmations is designed in such a way that guarantees this.

Info public Milonga

At our first edition there was the possibility for curious and interested people, who like to dance to 100% traditional music in close embrace of the above mentioned CODIGOS, to take part at the Goodbye Milonga on Monday evening.

Unfortunately, we cannot maintain this possibility. So Encuentro Milonguero interested people only have the possibility to participate in NocheDePasion via the regular registration.