Encuentro NocheDePasion.

is a private event and participation is only possible following prior invitation by us.

What is our objective?

We are looking to establish connections that go well beyond national borders.

This is why we hope that many of our friends will help to establish a common network for tango enthusiasts.

So become part of it and support us in our project.

We look forward to seeing you!

Friendly and respectful interaction with one another and observation of the CODIGOS during tango events.

We are:

NocheDePasion, a team of friends and volunteers. Ideas, Christian Beyreuther.

Our events are not of a commercial nature. We always issue personal invitations to our events. A contribution towards expenses is charged to cover organisational costs.

Our event is a private party. To access the event, you must present the written confirmation of participation that you have received from us. Access to this private event is not possible without this confirmation of participation.

For further information, we have created an internal area on this website with personalised access. Your access depends on your invitation, which we previously issued by phone, e-mail, Facebook or in person.

Our Team

NocheDePasion is supported by many friends, DJs and many other business partners.

Among others, NocheDePasion receives support from Gaby Guthmann (Kehl am Rhein), Gianni Panichi (Udine), Ferenc Felberg (Barbing) and many other loveable persons.

Many thanks to Brunella, Katina, Gudrun, Nicole, Rita, Ellen, Osvaldo a.m.o.

Gaby Guthmann supports NocheDePasion with her many years of experience in an advisory capacity through advertising measures and network building.

Christian Beyreuther

Has been dancing tango for 9 years and loves to organise events. For years he has shaped the Regensburg tango scene together with his partner and regularly organises a monthly Milonga.

In the form of the SORRISO MILONGUERO, he organises a private, 100% traditionally oriented Milonga in Friuli and Veneto, Italy with his friends Nadja Fava and Gianni Panichi.

Christian Beyreuther is the man on spot and takes care of network building, website design, Facebook, technology and all logistical areas.

Gaby and Christian are welcome guests at many Encuentros and marathons and can be met regularly at various events across Europe.