Christian: On a winter’s evening, in Barbing on the eastern outskirts of Regensburg, I noticed a wonderful little castle, brightly lit up and shining in all its splendour. I was immediately captivated! I returned there in the spring, and what I saw inside exceeded all of my expectations!


In addition to the main building, Barbing town hall with an adjoining restaurant, there is a light-flooded hall of approx. 400 square metres with immaculately polished hardwood parquet floor.


But that’s not all. The hall is equipped with an acoustic ceiling installation for sound reflection, which means that the best possible sound is guaranteed. The ventilation system designed for a maximum of 500 people tops it all off.

Perfect for our NocheDePasion!

The venue is typically used for celebrating weddings and other events, not least because of the restaurant with its excellent cuisine. In summer, a white pavilion is set up in the garden; which is ideal for eating outdoors, talking or simply having a rest during the breaks.


Barbing, with its 5,730 inhabitants, is an ancient village that was inhabited during Roman times. The Barbing family name was first mentioned in 1130 AD.


This means that we are dancing on historical ground!

Venue – Barbing Castle – Town Hall Chamber

The picture shows the venue for our event – Barbing Castle/Barbinger Schloss (town hall) with restaurant and outbuildings, home to the beautiful town hall chamber.

The picture of the town hall chamber gives you an insight into the elegant seating for weddings in this setting. Our Encuentro NocheDePasion is based on the excellent Encuentro seating at the town hall in Kehl am Rhein. The proportions of the two halls are almost identical.

The picture shows Gaby’s Encuentro in the town hall of Kehl am Rhein. We will follow this same seating arrangement. The best parquet flooring was laid in Barbing Town Hall.

If you have further questions about the venue, please use our CONTACT FORM to contact us. We are happy to provide you with further information about our elegant venue.