Our DJs

Our DJs

Emanuele Ser Landi

I grew up in Bologna and the surrounding area with the local culture and music. I started DJing in the summer of 2010 and it felt like something completely natural to me.

Through my constant involvement with the music, I refine and deepen my knowledge of it and also understanding what is required on the dance floor. I prefer music from the 30s and 40s, with a few forays into music from the 20s or 50s. When I put tandas together, I think the most important thing is that they “sound good together, please the dancers on the dance floor … And also the ears of those sitting around.”

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Wolfgang Weuste

Wolfgang has a love for the traditional music of the 30’s and 40’s and is now a welcome guest and DJ at the best Encuentros in Europe.

Wolfgang has been dancing since 2006 with great enthusiasm, passion and musicality. He started DJing because he wanted to dive deeper into the music of tango.

We are very happy that Wolfgang accepted the invitation to Regensburg.

His energetic music in the milongas is already known in many places.

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Gianni Panichi

Since 2005 Gianni has been creating waves in his sets that touch all sides, the emotional and physical needs of dancers, in the alternation of rhythm and melody.

His music is 100% danceable and traditional at all times.

Gianni creates tandas with attention to detail, alternating between rhythm and melody, between the known and the unknown. It gives the dancers curiosity and desire to move and let the emotion run free.

In Italy he is a very popular DJ, spinning at many big events and is a welcome guest. We are happy to welcome Gianni in Regensburg

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Alan Spotti

Alan’s longtime passion and love for tango has made him an excellent DJ who has provided music at countless events.

Alan explores the sensitivity and complexity of tango music and uses his rich experience in the selection of his music.

He takes care of the needs of all dancers and it is unique to experience him every time.

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Irina Zoueva

“I am Tanguera, DJ and I created Tango Secrets: Courses for everyone, Milongas and Practicas in the South of England and London.

In addition to my own DJ-ing once or twice a week at my own events, I am often invited as a guest DJ to various milongas in the UK and encuentros throughout Europe. My music selection is traditional. I prefer tangos from the Golden Age, occasionally supplemented by a tanda from the 20s or 50-60s, or orchestras from the 21st century. I enjoy influencing the atmosphere, energy and rhythm on the dance floor in changing directions from tanda to tanda by evoking or supporting the interest of the dancers. I choose only “music for the feet” – tangos that make people want to dance. When I see empty chairs and a full dance floor, I know my goal as a DJ has been achieved!”

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Ricardo Peixoto

Many dancers give me the feedback that my music style – dynamic and energetic and 100% danceable.

My goal is to use my music to entice dancers to a cabeceo and a beautiful tanda with the lady of their choice.

The reward is when the tanda ends with smiling faces.

Since 2005 I have been DJing in many places in Europe.

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Gaby Guthmann

Since when has Gaby been involved with tango? Clear answer: Always! Well, almost. Her passion for tango began in 1996.

And after that there was no stopping them. Today Gaby teaches in her own studio in Kehl am Rhein.

Since 2000, she has been performing weekly at her own milonga, as well as at the festivals she organizes and at many other venues throughout Europe.

Gaby has a good eye for what’s happening on the slopes, finely tunes her music to it and at the same time is driven by the desire to want to dance with everyone.

Her DJ work includes energetic, dynamic to romantic tandas, but always her selection is 100% traditional.

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Michele Sottocasa

Michaele is from Venice. His experience as a DJ goes back more than twenty years. He has shaped the scene in Veneto for decades.

In northern Italy and Lombardy, Michaele is a welcome, often invited and popular DJ.

With his 100% traditional milonga “Picaflor” in Venice, he is the pioneer of the milonguero scene of Northern Italy. Michaele is also the organizer of the Encuentro series “Rendez-Vous Milonguero” in Bologna and Venice.

Michele Sottocasa will put on music of the 30’s and 40’s for us. Michele is particularly interested in social dancing, that is, everyone with everyone and being curious about new and new things.

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Erich Kaliwoda

As an avid tango dancer, the music didn’t initially fascinate me that much, but during my first stay in Buenos Aires, that changed. I began collecting traditional tangos, which first ignited my passion.

I made my first attempts as a DJ at local milongas. I have also been DJing on Encuentros for a few years now. My favorite orchestra is Juan D’Arienzo, his energy and virtuosity inspire me as a DJ as much as a dancer. For me, the most beautiful thing is to see happy people on the dance floor.

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Fresedo Gabbo

Fresedo Gabbo! Alias Gabriele Capocelli, saw the light of day 32 years ago and already in childhood had bright joy in playing the guitar. Making music, dancing and DJaying now takes a firm constant in his life.

The music of the tango captivated him from the beginning. The first time Fresedo played in Lecce. He gained further experience in the milongis of Triveneto, where he now lives and calls home.

Fresedo Gabbo prefers pieces from the 30s and 40s, but covers the entire period from the 20s to the 50s. Always attentive to all the dancers who are on the floor.

His girlfriend says about him, “He follows the tango more than my voice!”. You can often see Fresedo dancing alone behind the mixing desk during his sets.

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Jessica Carleson

After returning from a long stay in Buenos Aires, I started DJing. Night after night, larger as well as smaller milongas in Sweden inspired me.

After two years of intense DJing in Stockholm, I was ready for my first big set abroad. In 2017 I was allowed to DJ at Summerdaze, Nijmegen (Holland). Since then I have been DJing in maratons in Denmark, Iceland and Germany.

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Christian Beyreuther

The passion for tango makes me feel tango evolution first hand. For many years I have been organizing milongas in Regensburg (Bavaria) with my business partner.

Some years ago I founded with friends (near Udine/Italy) a 100% traditional Milonga. With NocheDePasion and my accumulated experiences, my tango evolution takes its further course. I gained my DJ experience in Germany, Austria, Italy and Poland on various Encuentros, Marathons and Millongas. My music style is 100% traditional. I look forward to more exciting encounters. Tango is life, life is evolution!

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Taskin Deniz

I love tango music because of its special structure and nostalgic mood. I believe that classical tango as dance music offers endless possibilities.

At milongas, I often play tangos from the 1920s to 1950s, recorded mainly during the golden age of tango. My sets include a variety of genres, orchestras, and moods to ensure a smooth flow on the dance floor. My goal is simply to reach all dancers and show them a good time.

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Sascha Weinberger

Traditional tango music (late 20s to late 50s) is the music I love. But the music of the “Epoca de Oro” (1935-1945) is my passion, also as a dancer.

I always play a combination of rhythm (e.g. D’Arienzo, Biagi, Donato, Laurenz …) and romance (e.g. Fresedo, Di Sarli, D’Agostino, Caló …) or both (e.g. Troilo, Tanturi, Pugliese …) without neglecting the drama and tension in tango music.

I always try to feel the energy on the pista and influence it positively. My goal is to keep the dancers at a high energy level and still see them happy and relaxed at the end of the milonga.

I have been dancing tango since 2000 and since 2005 I have been performing in my own milonga in Darmstadt, as well as in the milongas of my region and occasionally nationally and internationally.

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Manuela Villa

Manuela Villa is from Berlin and lives in Freiburg im Breisgau. She has been dancing tango argentino since 2006 and has now been DJing for some time.

She favors dynamic upbeat music mixed with powerful instrumental songs from 1928 to 1958 – getting all the dancers on the floor even in the greatest heat.

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Max Marzano

Max Marzano is a traditional tango DJ through and through and a collector of original 78rpm’s. Its basis are especially D’Arienzo Shellacs from 36′-39′.

His style reflects his great passion for traditional tango. He always tries to convey the spirit of the “Milongas Porteñas”.
He is a very active musicalizador and regularly performs at some of the most important milongas in Rome as well as throughout Italy, Europe and the world at festivals and marathons. In 2014 and 2015 he organized the “Milonga Academia” in Rome, where he was the local DJ.

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Elvira Russo (Elektra)

It is the tango that found me and was suddenly all around me. In 2014 I started dancing tango and in 2017 everything was to change abruptly.

A new path presented itself to me, and I was ready to take it. I have been looking for it all my life. In 2018, I hung up my secure government job and I started to live with passion. I had many opportunities to work as a Tango DJ at various events. I had a DJ arrangement at the 2020 World Tango Festival in Buenos Aires, which will not take place until 2023 due to the corona pandemic. I am very much looking forward to that. In the last years I had the pleasure to perform with great orchestras like: Juan D’Arienzo, Sans Souci, Quinteto Derecho Viejo, Junta Escondida, Sanluistango and Lo Que Vendra’ Orquesta together on stage. I was Encuentros, marathons and festivals in Italy and abroad a welcome guest. The musical variety of the tango gives me a lot of pleasure. I love my passion as a tango DJ. Seeing how I can actively conjure up unforgettable moments on the dance floor with my music makes me happy. Min commitment, combined with constant musical development let me look forward to the future with hope.

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Rosita Lagos Diaz

Rosita grew up in a family of musicians and took her first steps in tango at the age of 14 in Santiago, Chile.

Sensitive to the energies of the dance floor, Rosita dedicates herself to the pleasure of the dancers, sharing with them the full range of rhythms and emotions of the golden age. For years she has been performing her program at many milongas, marathons and encuentros in Lille, Paris, Barcelona, Turin, Heidelberg, just to name a few cities. She was also one of the organizers of the monthly milonga La Coqueta in Lyon, France, where she currently resides.

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Tomaž Leskovšek

Knowing and feeling the music is a very important part of tango dancing for me.

And that led me on my path to DJing. Now I try to transfer the beauty of the tangos from the Golden Age to the gentle embrace and smooth movements of the dancers. When the right moment comes, I like to cross this golden line a little daringly. I like to create joyful milongas, including carefully selected cortinas, with some moments for deep and sweet feelings.

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François Romay

Born in Valencia and living in Nîmes, the French-Spanish artist loves to “tell a story.”

His milongas are characterized by a poetic and subtle energy. His generous nature is an invitation to share. As a traditional DJ, he prefers tangos from the 30s to the 60s. His style is elegant and refined, with balanced and creative tandas that include music from forgotten orchestras.

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Balázs Gyenis

First and foremost, Balazs loves Argentine tango music. He reads, collects and listens to everything about this genre.

Balazs prefers the rhythmic and emotionally charged music from the Golden Age, but as a DJ he plays an overall balanced repertoire with an eye for dynamic variation between tandas and consistency within them. Balazs has played more than 140 sets at major multi-day international events (of the Marathon/Encuentro/Festival type) and more than 300 sets at other milongas around the world. Balazs is also the creator of the most listened to online tango radio, Argentine Tango Radio, the most watched tango flash mob on Youtube, the most downloaded internet archive tango podcast series, Danceable Tangos of the Year, and the world’s first live virtual video milonga and the first Hungarian milonga recorded only on vinyl. For seven years Balazs organized the weekly Milonga Jueves in Budapest (together with Endre Szeghalmi and Konrad Krynski). After his return from London, Balazs now organizes the weekly Milonga De Mis Amores in Budapest (together with Kati Freesz and Robi Kovacs).

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Jens-Ingo Brodesser

Fashions come and go! In a DJ set, I try to capture the mood of the moment by observing the dancers and transferring that feedback into the tanda.

Variety and changing impulses are the key words. I like to think of colors and shapes, like when you paint a picture. You start at a certain point and let it develop. Maybe you’re telling a story, maybe you’re abstract, but the most important thing is that you’re expressing something through the music you’re playing and making people dance!

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Igoris Saburov

I love all tango music. In milongas I prefer to play music from the Golden Era, although I am not categorical and try to feel the interest of the dancing people.

I have been DJing in Belarus (Minsk), Belgium (Bruges, Mouscron, Antwerp), Estonia (Tallinn), France (Paris), Germany (Kehl, Veckenstedt), Italy (Bolzano, Noci, Merano, Reggio Emilia, Turin, Milan, Treviso), Latvia (Riga, Jurmala, Jumurda), Lithuania (Vilnius, Kaunas, Panevezys, Nida, Palanga, Klaipeda, . ..), Poland (Warsaw, Torun, Olsztyn), Portugal (Lisbon), Russia (Pskov, Moscow), Spain (Nerja) and Ukraine (Kyiv) in various tango events. I look forward to meeting you!!!

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Tango DJ Prince

Since 2014, Tango DJ Prinz has been entertaining dancers in Europe, Russia and Canada.

He likes to create a playful atmosphere by matching the energy of the dance floor with a variety of orchestral styles and matching cortinas. Get ready for traditional repertoire, dancing fun and lots of smiles … Let’s glow!

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Greg Demerville

Greg is not just a DJ. He is also a host, organizer and community builder.

Perhaps you have already discovered the place he created for the tango, on the border between Belgium and France. He has created an open tango room out of an old building. Dancers sometimes come from far away to this privileged place where they find quality music and a warm welcome.
Greg’s music reflects his character and story. Creative, dynamic, very focused on the dance floor: each set is born from the moment. He loves to seek out the collective energy of the dancers of the day and play with that energy to take us all the way to the last note.
Greg crosses borders: his music finds its place both in encuentros (Warm Embrace, Cita, Metz…) and in marathons (New Year’s Eve party -El corte, Cologne, Bendito, World Congress, Tango sauce, Nantes, Bal Tout Terrain, Totally in Tango…).

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Theo Chatzipetros

Theo plays traditional music from the late twenties to the late fifties; the emphasis is on the forties.

His goal is to create a rhythmic wavelength that appeals to the dancers. He adapts the chosen music to the mood of the dancers accordingly.
He is a member of the “Association Tangofirenze” based in Impruneta, furthermore he is co-founder of the “Raduno milonguero of Impruneta”, where he was also resident DJ between 2007 and 2014. He has performed countless times at milongas, encuentros, festivals and marathons in Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey and the UK. In addition, he organizes musicality and DJ workshops.

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Paola Nocitango

Paola NociTango, an avid tango dancer has lived and worked in Argentina. She is a music lover and especially of tango music.

She continued her musical education and was quickly appreciated as a DJ. Often DJing in various milongas of the scene, she is known for the energy she manages to create in her evenings. Careful and sensitive, she meets the tastes and wishes of the dancers with whom she likes to interact.
She was DJ in at a wide variety of events. For example: “A Promotora” Lisbona (Portugal), “Milyonguero 2” di Lione (France), “Juntos” di Sainte Colombe (France), “Tutto in un abbraccio” Cagliari (Italy), “Dans tes bras” Paris (France), “Ecuentro Milonguero Kehl” Kehl (Germany), “La Parada” Padova (Italy), “El Tangone” Lyon (France), “Mirame” Grau du Roy (France), “Retiro Milonguero” Faro (Portugal), “Abrazos de Corazones” Moosburg (Austria), “Encuentro de Brujas” Bruges (Belgium), “Spoleto Milonguera” Spoleto (Italy), “Te quiero Lisboa” Lisbon (Portugal), “La Sabauda” Turin (Italy), “Encuentro Porteño” Amsterdam (Holland), and many more…

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Technical claim

We set ourselves very high standards in terms of lighting, room atmosphere, sound and technology.

Only when we are really satisfied with all installations, we can be sure that our guests will be satisfied as well.

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