Our DJ's

Our DJs

Emanuele Ser Landi

I grew up in Bologna and the surrounding area, with its culture and music. I started DJing in the summer of 2010; and it felt like the most natural thing to do.

My perpetual music obsession means that I continuously refine and deepen my knowledge of it; and also, that I understand what people want to hear on the dancefloor. I prefer 30s and 40s music; with occasional forays into music from the 20s or 50s. When I put tandas together, I believe that the most important thing is that they “sound good together, delight the dancers on the dancefloor…and also the ears of those sitting around it.”

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Wolfgang Weuste

Wolfgang loves the traditional music of the 30s and 40s and is today a welcome guest and DJ at the best Encuentros in Europe.

Wolfgang has been dancing since 2006 with great enthusiasm, passion and musicality. He started DJ-ing because he wanted to immerse himself even deeper into tango music.

We are very excited that Wolfgang has accepted our invitation to Regensburg.

His energetic style of music in the milongas is already well-known in many places.

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Gianni Panichi

Starting in 2005, Gianni’s sets build up waves that touch every part of us, playing to the emotional and physical needs of dancers, and alternating between rhythm and melody.

His music is always 100% danceable and traditional.

Gianni designs Tandas with great attention to detail, alternating between rhythm and melody, between the familiar and the unknown. He inspires curiosity in the dancers and instils a desire to move and let their emotions run free.

In Italy he is a very popular DJ who plays at many major events and is also a welcome guest. We look forward to welcoming Gianni to Regensburg

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Alan Spotti

Alan’s long-standing passion for and love of tango have made him an exceptional DJ who has already provided the musical backdrop for countless events.

Alan explores the sensitivity and complexity of tango music and uses his rich experience in his choice of music.

He takes care of the needs of all dancers, creating a unique experience every time.

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Irina Zoueva

“I am a tango enthusiast and DJ, and the creator of Tango Secrets – courses for everyone, milongas and practicas, in southern England and London.

As well as DJing once or twice a week at my own events, I am often invited to various milongas in the UK, and to encuentros throughout Europe, as a guest DJ. My music choice is traditional. I prefer tangos from the golden age, interspersed every now and then with a tanda from the 20s or 50s-60s, or by 21st century orchestras. I enjoy influencing the atmosphere, energy, and rhythm on the dancefloor between tandas, by engaging or encouraging the enthusiasm of the dancers. I choose only “music for the feet” – tangos that make people want to dance. When I see empty seats and a full dancefloor, I know that my goal as a DJ has been achieved!” 

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Ricardo Peixoto

Many dancers tell me that my style of music is dynamic and energetic – and 100% danceable.

Though my music, my goal is to entice dancers to enjoy a Cabeceo and a beautiful Tanda with the lady of their choice.

My reward is when the Tanda ends with smiling faces.

I have played at many locations in Europe since 2005.

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Gaby Guthmann

How long has Gaby been involved with tango? Straight answer: Always! Well, almost. Her passion for tango began in 1996.

And after that there was no stopping her. Today Gaby teaches at her own studio in Kehl am Rhein.

Since 2000, she has performed every week at her own Milonga, at the festivals she organises and at many other venues throughout Europe.

Gaby has a good eye for what is happening on the dance floor, she fine-tunes her music and at the same time she is driven by the desire to dance with everyone.

Her DJ work ranges from energetic and dynamic through to romantic Tandas, but her selection is always 100% traditional.

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Michele Sottocasa

Michele is from Venice. His experience as a DJ goes back more than twenty years. He has shaped the scene in Veneto for decades.

In Northern Italy and Lombardy, Michaele is a welcome, frequently invited and popular DJ.

With his 100% traditional “Picaflor” Milonga in Venice, he is the pioneer of the Milonguero scene in northern Italy. Michaele is also the organiser of the “Rendez-Vous Milonguero” Encuentro series in Bologna and Venice.

Michele Sottocasa will be playing music from the 30s and 40s for us. Social dancing – in other words, everyone dancing with everyone, and being inquisitive about new things – is especially important to Michele.

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Erich Kaliwoda

Being an enthusiastic tango dancer, it wasn’t so much the music that fascinated me at first. But that changed during my first stay in Buenos Aires. I began focusing on traditional tangos, which sparked my initial passion.

My first outings as a DJ were to local milongas. For a few years now, I’ve also been playing encuentros. Juan D’Arienzo is my favourite orchestra. His energy and virtuosity inspire me both as a DJ, and as a dancer. The most wonderful thing for me, is seeing happy people on the dancefloor.

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Fresedo Gabbo

Fresedo Gabbo! AKA Gabriele Capocelli, who was born 32 years ago, and thoroughly enjoyed playing guitar even as a child. Making music, dancing, and DJing are a constant part of his life today.

The music of the tango captivated him from the start. Fresedo played in Lecce for the first time. He built on his experience in the milongas of Triveneto, where he now also lives and calls home.

Fresedo Gabbo prefers pieces from the 30s and 40s, but covers the entire period from the 20s to the 50s. He always remains attentive to all the dancers currently on the floor.

His girlfriend says, “he listens to tango more than he listens to me!”. You can often spot Fresedo dancing by himself behind the mixer during his sets.

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Jessica Carleson

I started DJing after returning from a long stay in Buenos Aires. Night after night, both large and small milongas in Sweden inspired me.

After two years of constant DJing in Stockholm, I was ready for my first big set abroad. In 2017, I was invited to play at Summerdaze, Nijmegen (Holland). Since then, I’ve been playing at marathons in Denmark, Iceland, and Germany.

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Christian Beyreuther

My passion for tango allows me to experience the evolution of tango first-hand. For many years, I have organised milongas in Regensburg (Bavaria) with my business partner.

A few years ago, I founded a 100% traditional milonga with friends (near Udine, Italy). With NocheDePasion and the experience I have gained, my tango evolution continues. I gained my DJ experience in Germany, Austria, Italy, and Poland, at various encuentros, marathons, and millongas. My style of music is 100% traditional. I look forward to more exciting encounters. Tango is life, life is evolution!

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Taskin Deniz

I love tango music, for its specific structure, and nostalgic mood. I believe that classical tango offers endless opportunities as dance music.

At milongas, I often play tangos from the 1920s to the 1950s, most of which were recorded in the golden age of tango. My sets include a multitude of genres, orchestras, and moods, to ensure a seamless dancefloor experience. My goal is simply to reach all dancers, and to give them a good time. 

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Sascha Weinberger

Traditional tango music (the end of the 20s to the end of the 50s) is the music that I love. The music of the “Epoca de Oro” (1935-1945) is however my passion, as a dancer also.

I always play a combination of rhythm (such as D’Arienzo, Biagi, Donato, Laurenz) and romantic (such as Fresedo, Di Sarli, D’Agostino, Caló) or both (such as Troilo, Tanturi, Pugliese), but also always preserve the drama and excitement of the tango music.

I always try to feel the energy on the pista, and influence it in a positive way. My goal is to keep the dancers’ energy levels high, but still see them happy and relaxed at the end of the milonga.

I have been dancing tango since 2000, and since 2005 have played at my own milonga in Darmstadt, as well as at milongas in my region, and occasionally also nationally and internationally.

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Manuela Villa

Manuela Villa is from Berlin, and lives in Freiburg im Breisgau. She has been dancing tango argentino since 2006, and has been a performer now for some time.

She prefers dynamic, upbeat music, mixed with powerful instrumental songs from the 1928 to 1958 period – bringing all dancers to the floor, even in the most intense heat.

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Technical standards

We set ourselves very high standards in terms of lighting, room ambience, sound and technology.

Only when we are really satisfied with all installations, can we be sure that our guests will also be satisfied.

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